Jul 24, 2011

Short letter to Andres Behring Breivik

You can not kill then expect people to listen to you.
There are no excuses, nothing you can say now or in your court hearing can ever bring back anything to the families that have lost someone.
You wanted your voice to be heard, your 1500 page letter will now reach millions and millions of people, but not even a single one of them will read it to hear what you have to say. They will only read it to find out how crazy you are. Millions will read but even if you had anything useful to say none of us will take it seriouslty, YOU CAN NOT KILL THEN EXPECT ANYBODY TO LISTEN !
This is not how things work!
I hope you get the punishment you deserve.

Letter to Norway from Barack Obama

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I will read through the book he wrote and summarize it if I get 500 views for this article.. (I normally get 50-200 per article.)

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