Jul 6, 2011

Free Google Invites !

Ok calm the fuck down, nobody is giving away seven Google invites. For God's sake some people are even selling their invites on ebay!

And why are YOU so excited to get your use Google+
.. Pull yourself together for 2 minutes and continue reading the 91 words I've written...

There are more important things to do than looking around for google+ invites and trying to login every hour, seriously I don't even want you to go out .. just open wikipedia and read something useful or watch a funny video on youtube.


Heres one for you; What do you call facebook with a white theme instead of blue ? WhiteFacebook GOOGLE PLUS !!

Same shit happened with gmail, and google wave and... the list goes on. It's ridiculous.

EVEN if it was some new super invention that we have never seen before in the history of mankind, can you CHILL THE FUCK OUT & BE PATIENT?

It's not that hard to be patient, all you have to do is.. well you don't have to do nothing!! That possibly might be the only thing our generation is any good at.. Doing fuck-all.. Just sitting there and existing while everything around you is moving and actually evolving.

Repost this to any retard out there who hasn't slept for 2 days trying to find an invite.
Credz: Aeo_+7asanan