Jul 24, 2011

25 Things about Facebook we all Hate !

1. Like-ing your own posts and photos.
Yes we assume you liked it, didn't you write it?

2. If you are bored:
Do not post 'I am bored' because it won't solve anything, 
Try something like 'Who want's to do something tonight ?'
or 'Looking for something cool to do today !'

3. If your display pic looks like this *stupid photos of football or singers (no real photo)*
and your tagged photos look like this *application generated photos or Farmville or some other crap*
then how do you expect me to recognize you and accept the add ?

4. Farmville, 
 From the invites ... to the photos... to this Parent who killed her child over it.

5. Dropped your phone in toilet ? need everyone to send you their numbers ? Fuck off ! 

6. Useless details about your life (See photo -->)

7. Repeated profile pictures..
Don't you ever check out your own albums and find the same photo repeated 4 times ? please delete redundant photos.

8."hey! remember me from grade 4!?"
Nop, fuck off.

9.If every single thing you post on twitter is automatically pushed as a Facebook update.. why ?
why would you do that ? isn't the  point of being on twitter is to interact with twitter people and to escape the narcissist attention whores on Facebook !

10. When you have 14 daughters and are married to your best friends..
What is that about ? kinda cheesy and very childish, unless you are under 16 please try to stop it.

12. Grammer Nazi's
if you love correcting people so much then go proof read newspapers, as long as something is understandable, thiers no need to correct it
(if you just thought about commenting to correct my "theirs" and 'Grammer' then you are one of them.)

13. Repeatedly posting depressing shit about your life,
bro, nobody cares.

14. Adding me because we have same last name ?
No, thank you !

15. Song lyrics
if most of your statuses are song lyrics then i want to tell you two things: 
1. no matter how badly you believe it, the songs were not all written about your life.
2. please try express yourself in other ways or at least in your own words... if you feel like posting some lyrics every once in a while then no big deal. but if 90% of your statuses are song lyrics then ..

17.When people start having conversations on your photos !
You can Chat, Post on wall, E-mail.. etc
YET you choose to have your conversation on my photo ?

18.Parents on Facebook. 
If you doesn't annoy you yet then give them some time to get used to Facebook and you'll see

19.If you have 1000+ friends.
According to science, you cant really have more than 100-200 "friends" and its ridiculous to have so many people you barely know able to access all your personal info.. half-celebrities exempted.

20.Public accounts
If I can see your photos, your university info, your wall and all your friends without even being your 'friend', then why would I even add you ?

21.Writing like a dolphin with down syndrome,
It annoys me SO much When People Capitalize Every. Sinlge. Letter. Or if they decide To caPitalIze randOm LEtterS In worDs. Or if they cant spel proprly. espicclay kidz !
(Via Nicky)

22. Sharing news that every person in the world knows about,
Osama is Dead, Spain won the World Cup.. WE ALL KNOW !

23. You don't say hi to me in real life,
then I find a friend request from you on Facebook ? mm..whats with that ?

I am sure many people don't know what 'HACKING' is but I can assure you that when your friend leaves his/her account opened on ur laptop and you using it to upload beiber pics is NOT hacking.

When you make a mistake in your comment, just delete and write it again ! no need for an extra comment just to correct..
Update: when you delete a comment, facebook automatically brings what whatever you wrote in your previous comment so you dont have to type everything again. very easy.

Did we miss something YOU hate about facebook ? 

Too bad.. because you can't comment.. I guess we will never know :D

Credits: The top two Comics were made by The OATMEAL

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