Jun 23, 2011

How important are your questions ?

In order of importance, except for mathematics which I found impossible to place because it runs in the background connecting all our knowledge and paving the road to see things we never saw before.

What and why are we ?
Where did we come from ?  Physics
Where are we going? Engineering
Why are we like this? Social sciences
Why do we like this? Arts
What medium to elegantly describe it all ? Mathematics

Forgot any fields ? they are probably not important.. put them in comments and I'll reconsider.


  1. 2nd question is also answered by evolutionary biology besides physics

  2. boilogy boils down to chemistry which in turn boils down to physics if anything credit goes to chemistry or physics biology just quantizes chemistry

  3. you forgot the most important piece of them all, through what medium can we elegantly describe it all...

    calculus is just a drop in the world of elegant mathematics, there is more to mathematics than just calculus it is just my favorite because i can add physical essence to my thoughts, i can see it, i can feel it,
    there is the queen of mathematics called number theory.

    Now i wont try and argue you, your inner mind is biased, its how our inner mind works we try something we didnt have luck with it we hate it,
    trust me i wish i can teach in the stead of your professors, because to them its just a job, but to me its passion, and there lies your difference and if i where to listen and go to class id develop the same idea.