May 22, 2011

Manchester are cheaters for winning their last game !

A recent tweet I saw a few hours after ManUtd's last game of the 2010/2011 season..

"Why would  even bother winning that match? Cheap teams stay Cheap..Disgrace to football ...  ..hard luck  "
I replied that its only fair to go full strength as anything other than that is unfair to the other teams, the reply to that was:
"Question:What if that was ManUtd in Blackpool's status and Blackpool guaranteed the league and ManUtd needed that match to survive?Ha?"
So I decided to elaborate on my answer a little bit.. cuz twitter.. word limit .. enough said..

1. The main reason behind Manchester United not fielding a weaker side although they already guarenteed winning the league 2 weeks ago is most importantly Rules B13 and E20 of the English association. 

So what are those two rules ?
Here is a quoted exert of both those rules which can also be found on the Premier League official website

“towards each other Club and the League with the utmost good faith.” 

“In every League Match each participating Club shall field a full strength team.”

Simply put, English football regulations do not allow you to field weakend sides for any reason. Not only that, just recently both Blackpool (ironically) and Wolves were punished by the FA for fielding weakened (arguably) teams in the league to rest their players for cup games.

2. Not only do the rules disallow fielding weakened sides, but assuming  Manchester United did fielded a second string team and lets say that Blackpool had won that game and avoided relegation.. wont that be a a bit suspicious ?

Manchester united never lost a game at home this season and only dropped 2 points in Old Trafford in the past year and suddenly a bottom team wins them and turns out that win was enough to keep them in the Premier league for another year and net them at least 50 Million Pounds in TV considering Manchester had nothing to loose wether they win or loose the game it will be very suspicious..

Its not surprising that many teams often find themselves in such positions, most notably in Worldcup group stages where a lot of problems arised from situations like that, one i recall the top of my head is the 1982 Spain Worldcup where West Germany purposely stopped scoring after 1-0 agaisnt Austria in order to send Algeria crashing out of the Worldcup even though any other score would see Algera qualify to the 2nd round. Full Details Here
Interesting fact, it was that particular worldcup that led to the rule that makes sure that the final games in the group stages should all take place at the same time, to avoid countries teaming up against others. Did it work ? 

3. , Is it fair that when 5 teams are fighting for relegation for one of them to just GET a win because the team against them happens to already have won the title ? That means that if any ot the other 4 teams fighting were relegation was to play Manchester on the last day then that would help them avoid relegation.. which means the main decider of who stays up is the ORDER of the last few games, which frankly isn't fair and doesn't make much sense
(Blackpool, Blackburn, Birmingham, Wolves and Wolverhampton all were in danger of relegation and a win for any was enough to keep them up in the last round) 

4.Now another important point worth mentioning, United already won the league and they have their biggest game of the season in 1 week against Barcelona, don't you think Sir Alex Ferguson with all his brainpower would have preferred to rest all his players and field in a second or even third string team ?  Avoiding any possible injuries to the main players and eliminating the extra fatigue they would have got from this game.

Off course that would have been his preferred choice but since it is firstly against the rules, and secondly unfair to everyone else and thirdly will probably cause a lot of controversy if they just gave the game away by playing reserves, so he decided to rest a few of his players but maintain an overall decent team..

So why exactly are Manchester United cheaters ?  because they don't want want to be punished by the FA, because they don't want to break any rules ? because they are a professional team who respects the intensity of the league and doesn't want to make it unfair to other teams ?


Just so you can check quickly here are some links but feel free to google anything I mentioned and you will reach the same conclusion, that all the incidents i talked about are infact true..


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