Oct 23, 2010

Your New Human Right, Getting High ?

Next week, Californians will vote on a proposition that will seal the fate of this controversial topic. If the proposition passes, it would allow the production, sale and off-course the consumption of non-medical marijuana. Perhaps 'allow' is the wrong verb, mmm decriminalize ? legalize ?

Well the law was never the biggest issue whenever somebody decided to smoke up, getting caught with small amounts of marijuana is not even a big issue and most people do smoke it regularly, I don't see a lot of controversy in legalizing marijuana. Many people see it as a huge step but its more like a sophisticated form of tobacco.. and  if you can buy alcoholic drinks and tobacco products from any petrol station, why not marijuana ?

More about California:
California is currently the largest state in terms of population with around 36 million people, more populated than Canada and most Europa countries. Most famous for its governor, the ex bodybuilder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold and Mary Jane Go Way Back :)