Oct 29, 2010

Manchester United 2010/2011 Season Brief Analysis

 Can Manchester United Make it this season ?

Well, define 'Making it', Setting the standard as Winning the English Premier League (EPL) or Champions league (CL) seems to be reasonable but its not fair because many strong in-form teams end up loosing in the final stages or due to extremely bad luck...

So in my opinion 'Making It' would be succesfully challenging for either the CL or the EPL, if they are genuine title contenders for either of those two cups by late april then they had a good season, regardless of wether they win or not. Last season would have been one of the best for ManUtd but everything took a wrong turn during the 90 minutes against Bayern in Germany, and particulary the chance rooney missed below

So was last season a Good season ? Winning a domestic cup, loosing the EPL on the last day (1 point) and the quarter finals of the Champions league.. Not a bad season... offcourse compared to the 2006-09 streak its not that good, but compared to Europe's top teams it was a good season.

[Video: The turning point of 2009-2010 Season, Unbelievable day]

It's worth noting that last season's Chelsea side looked considerably better than Man Utd throughout the year and it would have been a very lucky strike if Man Utd actually won the league on 2009-10. This season, 10 weeks into the 2010-11 season and its not looking any better  for Sir Alex's men. Chelsea comfortably destroy's weaker sides while we struggle to maintian very modest leads on mediocre teams, and on 3 occasions we have lost our modest leads over weaker sides, off course along with 6 valuable points that would have left Man Utd on top since they are trailing Chelsea by 5 points now... 2 points lost against West Brom, Everton and Fulham.

Can Man Utd rise against all odds and rob Chelsea their League ?
Unlikely... Not impossible but rather unlikely with the team lacking the edge to kill off games against weaker sides and although they still are yet to face any of the Top 4 of last season but I can predict shaky games for Man Utd, Starting from tommorow's games against in-form Tottenham Hotspurs.

Can they reach the CL final ?
their current squad does not have enough stability and depth to comfortably win Europe's strongest teams, but the squad would be lethal in a few years if they don't sell more than 2  of the following players: Nani, Anderson, Valencia, Fletcher, Evra, Vidic, Hernandez,Oberatan and Gibson.

We have creativity in the midfield but is it enough to overthrow Barcelona or Real Madrid in a CL semi final ?.... it was hard enough with Ronaldo, Tevez, Scholes, Giggs, Ferdinand and Van Der Sar in top condition, but now... I am just not sure.
We have good defence but not one that would half attacks from Ribery, Messi, Ronaldo and Ronaldiho..? is it  even comparable to the Evra-Vidic-Ferdinand wall of 2008 ?
We have striking power, perhaps the strongest between all the positions, but the midfield is not providing enough in-depth play to release the strikers like previous seasons when Carrick was daring and Anderson/Scholsey used to team up nicely in the middle...

So why am I even watching the games ?  Its my team and I believe they can pull it off even if the numbers say they cant, and I support my team in bad times, Manchester will bounce back slowly because we have many talented youngsters that are shaped into the first team and many veterans are retiring, so the Squad is being rebuilt in the coming years and it will be back stronger than before so beware !