Oct 31, 2010

Manchester United 2 -0 Tottenham Hotspur 2010 Breif Analysis

English Premier League - Week 10
Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur
30th October 2010/2011 Season

Game Build-Up:
Very promising game with pre-game talks from Modric and Rednapp. Chelsea and Arsenal with tight wins earlier in the day put more pressure on United to get the 3 points.

First Half:
JS Park started off the game with a medium range shot off the woodwork, the game never lacked pace and even though the scoreline suggests United dominated, Tottenham had a few decent chance themselves, and if it wasn't for Van Der Sar's save (Modric's half volley) then the game would have been very different.

Both teams were looking to score but United had more fluid passing, Carrick and Fletcher did surprisingly well to control the midfield and cut off any space for Modric and VDV. Moreover, most of the dangerous attacks were sparked from the sides,  from both Park or Nani, even from Evra and Rafael at some point. Although United were aweful at finishing their attacks, they did deserve to go into half-time leading.

Second Half:
United were clearly looking for a 2nd goal and their efforts were almost rewarded but Gomez was focused and saved a few shots from Hernandez and Nani. The 84th minute was the end point,  Nani's controversial goal (Video Below) provided relief for United supporters and killed off any hopes of Spurs coming back late in the game.
United Substitutions: 2 Experienced subs to cool the game down, prevent last minute blunders and control pace, 3rd Sub (Obertan) just for lulz.
Spurs Substitutions: 3 Attacking Subs to boost chances of equalising.

[Video: Nani's Weird Goal + Penalty Claim]

Worth Noting:

- The young right back did an excellent job in covering Tottenham's in-from Garth Bale, Although Bale squeezed in two saves from Van Der Sar, his threats were limited because of Rafael's wonderful marking.
- The midfield and wingers did their defensive duties to a full extent which closed down spaces whenever Tottenham attacked, that helped a lot in keeping things under control for United.
- Berbatov and Hernandez should have scored at least one goal because there were enough chances for that.
- Why is Obertan yet again pushed as a substitute in the last minutes of the game ? give the guy a little more time on the pitch, he will prove worthy... Obertan only has one start this season and it was in the Cup game last week.
- Again United are unable to score goals from in-depth play, first goal was dead ball and 2nd was ... too controversial to be classified
- Manchester United finish October and are still unbeaten in ALL COMPETETIONS in the past 3 MONTHS

- Average Starting Squad Age: 28.3
- Average Age After Substitutions: 29.6