Oct 30, 2010

Is Chelsea filled with Old Geezers ?

Well here is a quick summary of the average Squad age of Chelsea's most important players

1- Players with most total appearances in the last two seasons are considered most important.
2- Age is calculated as (year of birth) minus 2010 so its accurate to nearest 6 months.
Total of 13 Players are included, Players who left squad to other teams are omitted

Player Name Appearences  Age
Peter Cech45 + 5428
Franc Lampard51 + 5632
John Terry53 + 5130
Malouda43 + 3930
Drogba43 + 29 32
Anelka42 + 4631
Ivanovic 40 + 2026
Ashely Cole34 + 4830
Mikel33 +4723
Kalou23 + 3025
Alex23 + 3928
Essien21 + 1728
Average Age28.46

You might think Chelsea has a very old squad but in reality:

-Average age of the squad right now (2010) is only 28.46 Years...
-7 out of the 13 players still under 30 years of age
-11 out of the 13 are in their prime age (27-32 years)

Interesting fact:
Chelsea's team could have an average age of 32 years by 2014 Worldcup if they sell one old player and get one youngster instead, in other words, they can maintain the current squad for 2 more years comfortably before needing any changed, most the players can go on till mid-early thirties.