Mar 28, 2010

What Makes a Good Movie ?

What makes for great movies ?
My friend Salman highlights the most important components of great movies in the text below...

(I apologize if there are any grammatical mistakes. Remember that i am an astrophysics major, NOT an English major)
The plot has to be strikingly original. That is one of toughest things to put in a movie and surely the most important. What is the point of creating a movie that you already saw before but with a little things altered? It basically means you are stealing other people’s work. What is so creative about that? It wouldn’t matter even if the plot is interesting. That is one of the best ways to distinguish between a good movie and a bad movie.

The plot has to be interesting and most importantly, gains universal interest. Sure anybody can create something that some people will like. But it so not an easy task to create something that the majority of people will like. We want the plot to be enjoyable to watch and give you the chills. But you have to remember one thing: No matter how good a plot is, there must be at least 1 percent of the people who find the movie utter garbage. I have never seen anything that everybody loves. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ movie. But there are surley movies that the majority of people like with an exception of a few. (eg. The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction). This is one the elements that is always in a good movie. (I belong to the few that hated 'Pulp Fiction')

The movie has to be unpredictable. What is the point in watching a movie that you will know what will happen next? Anybody can create something that is unpredictable but not everybody can create something unpredictable and make it go smooth with the plot. The more unpredictable the movie gets, the more interesting it is. You can agree with the fact that the originality and the unpredictably of the movie are strongly correlated. The only way to create an unpredictable movie is by being original. This is one of the reasons why i thought 'Avatar' had poor plot.


The movie has to be logical. (No plot holes). This is an element that i see in almost 80 percent of the movies. Sometimes the movie is going smooth, the movie is original and has a lot of good qualities. But whenever something stupid happens in the movie it causes great irritation while watching. You will hate to say, ‘damn it! the writer is so dumb. Why didn’t he think of .......’ It will suck if you will spot the writers mistake and realize that he had another smart move to do. I am not saying that the movie has to be smart (even though that will be great), but it will be a disaster if some of the scenes were dumb.
Logical movie

Good acting and good direction. We don’t want to think that everything was a setup. We have to feel as if we are really IN the movie. Good direction and cinematic effects will really suck you into the movie. (eg. Apocalypto, Avatar) Good acting will make the characters more believable.

The ending has to complete the story and be satisfying. You don't want the audience to be hanging like some retards.

Here are a list of things you DON’T want to see in a movie or book:
Gross out. (biggest example ‘Pink Flamingos’.) Things that are disgusting are not enjoyable to watch.
Disturbing things. (eg. incest)
Exaggeration. The heroes always win. The hero is great. The hereo is the best. Aren’t you sick of having the hero as almost perfect here? Sure the hero has to be a great person but there is no need to exaggerate in the movie and make him just TOO good. Too good that it loses the realism. And to make it worst, people don’t get lucky all the time. Especially if the hero is a normal human, how does he get the chance of surving 20 bullets, surving a plane crash, always gets away out of riksy situations and other kind of stuff. That will cause a huge amount of irritation. Since when do people get that lucky??
Don’t try too hard to make it look really cool. That will just make the movie cheesy. Example ‘Triple XXX’.

Big Boat

We don’t need multiple annoying characters. I mostly see this in Japanese Anime. (In Hitman Reborn: Lambo and Pinpin. 2 really disturbing characters in a decent show.)
If you don't have a good sense of humor, there is no need in trying to create a funny plot.

Written By:
Salmam Bashir

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